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Product Dimensions Units per m2
Cladding ( Outdoor) Only available as 6 pre-mixed sizes
590*190     390*90
390*390     190*190
390*190     190*90
The following 3 sizes are available separately
190*90 50 Units
190*190 25 Units
390*190 12.5 Units

Please Note:

Colour representation may differ slightly due to a number of factors.
Those Stones' Straight Edge Pavers Ratio of Pavers per sq.metre will vary, depending on customers' specific requirements.


Those Stones' attractiveness and versatility can be used to enhance patio areas, around the swimming pool, home and garden.

Important Hints

Concrete block paving, if properly designed, will last for decades with little or no maintenance. This is achieved by a layered structure where each layer has sufficient strength to cope with induced stresses without distress. Every paved area should be designed and constructed to suit the particular need.
Edge restraints are an important element to segmental paving, as they hold the pavers in position and prevent horizontal creep and opening of joints under traffic.